Featured Project #5 – Floor to Ceiling Solar Roller Shades, Downtown Toronto, Ontario

In condos where we see amazing floor to ceiling windows, we always recommend Solar Roller Shades. These shades come in a variety of openness percentages which allow customers to choose the exact amount of light entering their home, while at the same time, still preserving their view to the outside world. Did we also mention that these shades are environmentally friendly, block harmful UV rays, protect your furniture/flooring and energy efficient in both the cold and hot weather seasons? These shades (10% Opacity, Collection: Sol-Shade, Colour: White) can simply do it all. This customer, however, had one additional issue to be solved. They needed complete blackout in the bedroom for sleeping. No problem for Shade Works! We suggested our sleek, dual shade system which enabled the customer to have both a blackout and solar shade option all on the same window covering.

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