Featured Project #20 – Vancity Buzz Head Office, Vancouver, British Columbia

An awesome project to say the least, working with Vancity Buzz was extremely fun. They came to us with the following dilemma. “With so much sunlight entering the office we needed to find a way to harness the light while also reducing some of the heating or cooling costs, as well as minimize the nuisance of computer screen glare.” A very common office issue, we worked hard with them to come up with the perfect solution. Together, we decided on a 3% Basic Solar Roller Shade, in the Zenith Collection in grey. They not only look, but also function really well – exactly what we were looking for. The neutral grey colour provides just the right amount of reflection, helping reduce the heat entering into the office. In addition it will help to lower cooling costs, as well as cut the glare caused by the excess sunlight from the north-facing windows. The combined features of preserving our view, reducing heat, and glare protection makes these Solar Roller Shades a perfect match for our office. Our staff can still enjoy a nice view out of the windows without compromising their comfort.

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