Featured Project #15 – Comwave Head Office, Toronto, Ontario

It was an honour for Shade Works to work with such a high class, well respected company like Comwave. From the initial meeting both sides got a great idea of what was involved and how the windows needed to be covered. In the offices that were exposed to the central cubicle area there needed to be blinds that were 100% private, but with one turn of the cord have a view. The decision: Aluminum Mini Blinds, in a simple, yet sophisticated Brushed Aluminum colour. In comparison, there were offices that not only had these windows facing inside, but also windows facing the outside. These windows needed to reduce light coming in and ultimately the glare off the computer screen, but at the same time preserve the view to the outside. Answer: 5% Solar Roller Shades (5% Sol-Shade Collection in an Alabaster colour). Simple, clean and easy to use, the perfect solution. Both sides could not have been happier with the end result.

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