Featured Project #14 – Floor to Ceiling Windows Condominium, Calgary, Alberta

This project was a prime example of what Shade Works does best. When observing this beautiful condominium, and their amazing floor to ceiling windows, there was no doubt how the windows would be covered. Having tall windows and high exposure to sunlight, it was no-brainer to help these customers out with our simple, yet efficient Solar Roller Shades. These shades would not only block UV rays, but also help save them money with energy costs, and preserve their amazing view all at the same time. Furthermore, we were able to customize their home even further. After explaining that they loved the view, but wanted to ensure minimal light in their bedroom in the morning, we took our customization to the next level. We covered the main living area with a 5% Solar Shade (Solar Weave collection and Chalk Colour), while covering the bedroom windows with a 3%. Talk about customizing your window treatments!

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