Featured Project #13 – Waxon Waxbar, Downtown Toronto, Ontario

One of Shade Works most impressive projects to date! When first contacted, Shade Works could not have been more excited to work together with Waxon Waxbar. This was a project where Shade Works could show off their skills to cover windows both in style and function. The Waxon Waxbar locations had beautiful glass windows, however those were accompanied with a lot of exposure to the sun. There were issues not only with the heat levels in the stores, but also to the extent where in some locations, their products would get damaged. On the other hand, it was very important to the storefront to not compromise Waxon’s overall look and style, which has been so elegant and impressive for years. We worked together with Waxon diligently to come up with the perfect custom window treatment solution. We used 3% (Sol-Shade Collection) Gray Roller Solar Shades, made specially with an Anodized Aluminum Cassette. This would not only cover their windows functionally to block out the sun and UV Rays, but also match the overall beautiful décor and theme of their stores. Check out the amazing result!

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