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Shade Works WF AND Lutron Electronics Inc

Shade Works Window Fashions is proud to announce its brand new partnership with Lutron Electronics! Lutron Electronics has been the industry leader in the lighting, shading and home automation sectors since 1961. All customers of Shade Works Window Fashions will now have access to the entire line of Lutron products, including light switches and dimmers, on top of the blind and shade options! Fill out the form on this page to start your Online Lutron shopping experience.

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Increased energy efficiency

Increased Energy Efficiency

Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Integration

Create Ambiance

Create Ambiance

Quiet, Battery Powered Motors

Quiet, Battery Powered Motors

Customize Your Schedule

Serena Shades

The Serena Shades from Lutron Electronics are available in two different types of products: Roller Shades or Cellular Shades. Additionally, each of the products will allow you to choose between light filtering and blackout fabric options. Capable of being hard-wired or battery-powered (8 D cell batteries), these automated shades are extremely quiet and easy to use. Your Serena Shades can coordinate together with Caseta wireless dimmers and switches to create the ultimate and desired atmosphere in your home. These Shades can be controlled with a PICO and/or 4 group RF remotes.

Smart Bridge and Lutron App

The Lutron Smart Bridge has taken technology to a whole new level. This smart hub will allow you to fully utilize the features of Serena Shades, including setting schedules and scenes for the different rooms in your home. With the Smart Bridge and Lutron App, you will be able to control your shades from a world away, as long as you are connected to the internet. Want to push one button to close all your shades and turn off all your lights before leaving your home? No problem, customize any “scene” you like. Want to have your shades open at 6am to help you get up in the morning? No problem, “schedule” your shades to rise with the sun. You will be amazed at the possibilities!

Delivery and Installation

Lutron blinds and shades are all manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA. The normal turnaround time for standard orders are about 15 business days. Shade Works Window Fashions’ customers will receive free shipping on all orders. Customers who require professional measure or installation services should contact our customer service department for more details.


Shade Works did a very professional job in our brand new home. They were extremely knowledgeable with not only the Lutron system, but the fabrics as well, making it such an easy and enjoyable experience. They even helped to set up control of the shades through our smart phones! We really appreciated the attention to detail and outstanding service. Highly recommend Shade Works!

Melissa J. – Toronto, ON

Available in Roller and Honeycomb Shades, your Lutron shading system will help save you additional energy beyond the use of a “regular” window treatment. With the ability to customize the timing of the opening and closing of your shades, open your shades during the sunny days of winter or close them in the summer to minimize your heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, all Lutron fabrics are made from sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly and energy saving.