Below you will find a guide to the headrail options available with our product line. If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact a Shade Works representative at help@shadeworks.ca

  The Standard/Open Roll Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsAt Shade Works, if you do not choose an upgradable option for your headrail, it will come as a standard roll. The standard roll is also referred to as an open roll. Please note that our Roman Shades (excluding our Classic collection for the Designer Light Filtering products) come with a standard, fabric- matched valance. This standard roll offers a classic, simple look to the shade, and is efficiently constructed for movement ease of the shade.       The Deluxe Headrail Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsThe Deluxe Headrail is an upgradable option for all of our Premium Sheer Horizontal Shades. This headrail covers the open roll at the top of the shade and provides a very classy, elegant look. The Deluxe Headrail is available in the colour white.       The 3.5 Cassette Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsAn upgradable option on our Roller Shades, the 3.5” Cassette offers a very sophisticated and modern look. As a fully constructed unit, this cassette covers the rolled fabric, is color-coordinated to the shade and allows for easy movement of the shade.       The Fabric-Inserted Cassette Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsOur Fabric-Inserted Cassette is nearly identical to our 3.5” Cassette headrail. The sole difference lies within the Cassette, as the outer portion, which covers  the rolled up fabric, is fabric- matched to the shade itself. This provides a uniform and stylish look to your room.       The Valance Upgrade Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsThe Shade Works Valance feature is the sole upgradable option within our Roller Shade product category. This upgrade is available for the Designer Blackout Roller Shade, Basic Vinyl collection, and for our Designer Light Filtering Roller Shade, Basic collection. This valance provides a simple covering of the rolled-up fabric, creating a more organized look to your home.       The Deluxe Valance Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsShade Works Window Fashions provides a Deluxe Valance option for all of our Panel Track Shades. This headrail not only covers the track that the panel slides on, but it is also fabric- matched to the shade itself. This provides a very uniform and stylish look to your room.         Square Corners/Round Corners and Economy Channel Valances Headrails - Shade Works Window FashionsBesides our Classic Smooth PVC Vertical Blind, each of the other 3 Vertical Blinds give you 3 options to choose from for the cassette for your blind. This comes at no extra charge! Your options range from Square Corner to Round Corner to Economy Channel. Each have their own sophisticated look that allow you to customize your product and style your home.

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