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SHADE WORKS SUCCESS STORY - JUNE 2015 Our success story for June comes directly from the Olympic Village in Vancouver, British Columbia! This development, originally built for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, is now one of Vancouver’s top waterfront communities. The home owner came to Shade Works with an issue often come across, too much sun, heat and light were entering her condo. Even with the light filtering roller shades, currently covering her windows, she noticed that the excessive sunlight was creating glare on her television screen, as well as increasing the temperature in her unit. Taking it one step further, some of her plants were being destroyed by the intense sunlight! Window Blinds Olympic Village This was one of Shade Works’ tougher projects. The customer still enjoyed some of the natural light coming through the shade or directly through the window at times throughout the day. What were we to do? The answer: install a second set of window coverings in front of the existing roller shades. Furthermore, we recommended our Premium Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades with the awesome Top Down Bottom Up lift system. Why these shades you ask? One, Honeycomb Shades require the smallest amount of depth for mounting, so we were able to fit the shades in front of the old roller shades, but still within the depth of the window frame. Two, the Top Down Bottom Up feature gave her complete control of the light entering her condo. She could block it all out, but at the same time only bring down the top portion to allow extra natural light into the room. This would be the best source of light coming from the highest point in the room! Olympic Village Window Blinds Following our standard Shade Works’ guidelines, we made sure to check with the strata and their by-laws to figure out a suitable time for installation. Since we were going to be installing the shades into concrete (a very loud process), it was important to discuss with property management the exact times that work can be performed. The homeowners could not have been happier with the end result! The honeycomb shades, in conjunction, with her already existing roller shades provided all the sun blockage needed and gave her complete control of the light entering her home at any given point throughout the day. This is a prime example of how Shade Works can not only help you to aesthetically cover your windows, but also to functionally improve your window treatments!

  • Single Cell Top Down Bottom Up Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

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  • Single Cell Cordless Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

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  • Single Cell Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shade

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TOP 3 FACTORS TO CONSIDER Window Treatments are much more important to your home than you might think. At first thought, it is all about the “looks”. How can we dress up our windows to match our décor and impress our family and friends? Think again! They are not only an important element to your home’s décor, but more specifically, they are like furniture for your windows. They protect your windows and home from the sun, and at the same time moderate the temperature within. Starting to believe us now? There’s no doubt that aesthetics play a role in influencing your window treatment decision, but here are three other key factors to consider before your purchase:

How Energy Efficient Are Your Window Coverings?

Energy Efficient Windows Windows are your biggest source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Therefore, having the most efficient window treatments can save you a ton of money and provide a more comfortable home for you and your family. Two, prime examples include Honeycomb and Solar Shades. Honeycomb Shades are the most energy efficient. Designed with a unique honeycomb structure, these shades insulate your home with cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Solar Shades, in comparison, also control the temperature in your home, but additionally preserve your view to the outside world.

  • Single Cell Top Down Bottom Up Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

    Starting from $50 SHOP NOW
  • Single Cell Cordless Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

    Starting from $50 SHOP NOW
  • Single Cell Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shade

    Starting from $100 SHOP NOW

Are Your Window Coverings Safe for Your Children or Pets?

Pet and Child Safety Window Blinds The most overlooked aspect of the three, child and pet safety is definitely something to think about when buying your window coverings. Dangling, loose cords can be extremely hazardous to your young children and pets as they are seen as “toys” to be played with. Strangulation accidents are on the rise since 2005 and it is starting to get noticed on a wider scale across Canada. Cordless and Motorized lifting options should be highly considered. Even though slightly pricier, can you really put a price on your family? If cordless or automation is not available, please make sure that the window treatments in question have cord tensioners or child safety fasteners. All Shade Works products come with these! The tensioners will keep the cords tight and out of reach for your children or pets to play with.

Do Your Blinds Protect You From UV Rays?

UV Protective Window Shades Ultraviolet Rays, also known as UV Rays, are very powerful and destructive. As our Earth’s atmosphere decays, they are becoming stronger as the years pass. This is exactly why blocking as much of them as possible is very important to our health and our home. Damaging UV Rays not only have an impact on us, but also take a toll on our home furnishings, rugs and artwork. Window treatments such as Blackout Blinds, or more specifically Solar Shades, are manufactured specifically to block these harmful rays.

Now that you are full of knowledge, you are officially ready to cover your windows the right way! Never overlook the functionality of a window treatment and ensure you are making a decision that is right for your home and your family. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us at 1.888.870.2130 or email us at! Good Luck!

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The Best Blinds for Your Nursery What is more important than sleep for a young infant or baby? NOTHING! It is crucial that you regulate and control the amount of light entering your baby’s room. Due to the fact that they create their own sleeping hours, blackout blinds, or shades, are essential in creating an environment that enhances sleep. This way, street lamps at night, or the sun, mid-day, will not impact your baby’s sleeping habits and naps are never out of the question. Continue reading THE BEST BLINDS FOR YOUR HOME NURSERY

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Just because you run into a few design dilemmas in your space, doesn’t mean you should give up on your décor dreams altogether! Do any of these 3 design dilemmas sound familiar? Let us walk you through the solutions. 3 Common Design Dilemmas Whether you rent or own, no two living spaces are the same. Some are wide, some are tight and some are altogether awkward. But that’s what gives your home character! Unfortunately, with character may come character flaws that make decorating your space more complicated than you had anticipated. Luckily, the !nspire team has come together to offer solutions to 3 of the most common design dilemmas.

Do any of these issues sound familiar to you? Read on…

Design Dilemma #1: Unsightly Radiators And Air Vents Do you live in an older home? If so, you might be dealing with tacky radiators that line the most prominent rooms in the house. By the looks of these unsightly heaters, they weren’t created with style in mind. Unfortunately there’s no way to remove these eyesores without installing an entire new heating mechanism, therefore we’ve come up with 2 options that make sense:

  • Paint the radiators

The great thing about radiators is they can easily be spray painted to match your room’s color palette; just cover your furniture with plastic and section off the radiators with cardboard and paint to your heart’s content! They come out beautifully and even add a unique sculptural aspect to your space.

  • Disguise with an open console

Disguising your radiator is another option many people like. The only issue with this solution is whatever object you place around your radiator must be latticed or vented so the heat can still escape.If you have an area with a smaller radiator, we recommend boxing it off with a gorgeous open console like the Bliss Console in antique silver. Bliss Console in Antique Silver Not only does this console open up your space with its unique mirrored pattern, it allows you to display some of your favorite accessories as well.

Design Dilemma #2: Lack Of Storage In The Guest Room

Lack of storage is a common problem in many homes, however a lack of storage or linen closet in the guest room may put your guests in an uncomfortable situation; for example, having to ask for extra pillows, blankets or towels. As a host, it’s important to make your guests feel at home, and giving them everything at their fingertips is a great way ensure that. If lack of space is a factor, try opting for a bed with built in storage like the Bugatti II Queen Storage Bed in black. Its adjustable headboard storage feature allows plenty of room for extra quilts and linens. Avery Bench in Grey If space isn’t an issue, an end-of-the-bed accent piece like the Avery Bench in grey is another go-to option for extra bath towels, pillows and overnight necessities. These functional storage options will help you get a good night’s rest knowing your guests are happy and comfortable in their accommodations—while giving your space a stylish boost to boot!

Design Dilemma #3: Awkwardly Placed Thermostat

Where is the thermostat located in your house? If you’re lucky, it’s off in a corner somewhere, easily hidden by a standing lamp or decorative accent. However, if you’re not so lucky, it’s awkwardly placed on your main wall, staring you in the face, making you cringe every time you walk by. We’ve seen this in many of our clients’ houses and we’ll admit, it’s tough design dilemma to deal with. Since it needs frequent access, it’s not something you typically want to conceal with a piece of artwork. You can either work with it, or against it. If you want to work with it, we suggest creating a gallery wall of art and photos around the thermostat; this way, it essentially blends in and doesn’t stick out as an eye sore. If you’re set on concealing it completely, we recommend placing a standing mirror directly in front of it; this way you still have access to it. If a standing mirror doesn’t work, a high-back piece like the Angus II Accent Chair acts as a focal point to draw your eye away from the thermostat while adding a touch of drama to your space; a win-win situation for everyone! Angus II Accent Chair Are you currently facing a tough design dilemma? Feel free to share your situation in the comments below and we’ll offer you our expert décor advice! Love your space, love your bank balance with !nspire. !nspire invites luxury into your home for an extended stay. Our unforgettable accent tables, ottomans, chairs, stools, and other accessories for the home make lasting impressions that your guests will love. It’s your home. Live beautiful!

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How to install blinds into Concrete Installing household items, such as window coverings, into concrete is often viewed as a daunting task. Concrete is hard, seems indestructible and impossible to work with, but with the right equipment and technique it is much easier than you may think! Using the right equipment is definitely priority number one, but following the correct steps is just as important. Here are some tips and tricks to help you tackle this task!


First and foremost, a conventional drill with a masonry drill bit will do the job. However, if you want to make things a little easier, invest in a hammer drill. A hammer drill rotates like a conventional drill, but also incorporates a hammering action to make it easier to get through the concrete. You can even find these for rent at your local hardware store!

Did we mention how noisy and dusty it may get? Well, it will! Be sure to have proper eye protection and ear plugs to help you out.

Always use Anchors! These are plastic bits (seen below) that are inserted into the drilling hole to ensure that your screws are secured into your walls or ceiling.


Anchor in Ceiling


When drilling into the ceiling, make sure to exert force vertically to drill deeper and make the hole as narrow as possible. Same goes with drilling into walls, but the only difference will be to exert your force horizontally. After drilling the hole, insert your anchor and tap it in so it remains flush with the hole.

Once again, another reminder about the noise. Make sure to check with your buildings strata (if in an apartment or condo) regarding the hours that you are available to perform this work.

Drilling into Ceiling

There you go! There is no such thing as an impossible task! Follow the steps, use the right equipment and you are on your way to becoming a DIY handyman. Shade Works is here to help. Good luck and have a great long weekend!

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We have officially entered the fresh new season of Spring, and in combination has come the thoughts of what we can do to upgrade the look and function of our home. The sun and warm weather give us the motivation to do more and be active in home renovations. One of the changes at the top of everyone’s list: Windows. Windows are a great reflection on the style and class of your home, and when upgraded, can change the look forever. However, how do you know when to change them, and what to change them to? Shade Works to the rescue!

Grand Opening Slider Pic

One of the most important (if not the most) factors of changing your windows is age. The older they are, the less energy efficient they become, costing you money without even realizing it. In addition, as they do age there is definitely less “cyrb appeal”. With so many options on the types of windows and suppliers, Shade Works has helped you out by putting together a list of Tips to make this process as easy as possible.  


Before you buy your new windows, make sure to take the time to research different companies and options. Do not rush into decisions based on someone calling you or giving you a referral.


The most important factor in the decision has to be who you decide to go with for these replacement windows. Ask questions and make sure if the company you are using actually builds the windows, or if they outsource the parts and just assemble them for you.


Windows and Doors can be a significant source of heat loss in the home. The right windows can help reduce your energy costs by almost 10% annually, but overall, keep your home more comfortable throughout the summer or winter seasons. The best window manufacturers ensure their windows will meet energy efficient levels that are set by Natural Resources Canada.


UV Protection is often overlooked by most people. It is often misunderstood as to how harmful it can be. Namely, the effect it has on damaging your furniture, window coverings and artwork. Make sure your windows are extremely UV protective!

There you go! This valuable information should set you on the right track to choosing the right windows for your family and your home. Remember to come right back to Shade Works once the new windows are in to get them covered, in style! Have a great day.

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In early April, Shade Works was contacted by a family moving into their very first home in Vancouver, British Columbia. This home was still under construction when Shade Works made their first visit to the property. The family explained that they were developing a clean and modern look, and they wanted their window coverings to match the wallpapers and paint they had already chosen. The layout of this house is very unique, with the bedrooms on the first floor and the common areas such as the studies, kitchen, and living room on the second floor, which made for an interesting, yet inspirational project. There were several different types of window coverings used due to the unique design, but the customers loved the versatility of the Shade Works product line to allow them to fully customize their dream home. Here are some before and after shots in the home, along with some details about the window coverings used.

Upstairs North Facing20150107_032841

In the living room, the Premium Sheer Elegance Shades were used to cover three tall windows that were side by side. The dark and shimmery brown of the Topaz (Jewel Collection) fit right in along with the rest of the décor in the room.


On the first floor of the house, Blackout Roller Shades were used in all three bedrooms. The Blackout Roller Shades were an easy pick here, providing maximum light blockage and privacy. The colour used was Pebble of the Maui collection, one of our top selling collections.  


For the French doors, leading out to the patio on the second floor, two Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades were used. Ceiling mounted, the rollers were also reverse rolled to allow for sufficient clearance for security screens the family were installing. This particular fabric, Ambiance collection, is 100% polyester, giving it a light, shimmery look to really complement the colour of the walls as well as the flooring.  


We not only want to thank this family, but all of our customers and fans out there! Shade Works is happy to help and support each of our customers on their journey to covering their windows and adding the perfect finishing touch to their home. Have a great day!

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Here at Shade Works, the most popular question we get on a daily basis is “Which colour window treatment will be best for my window and room?” This is an extremely loaded question as there are numerous factors to consider. Shade Works not only carries a wide variety of fabric collections for each product, but also many colours within these collections. This can leave a shopper very overwhelmed with all of the options available. Don’t worry Canada, we are here to help! Below are a list of different colour categories to help guide you in choosing the right colour for your room and ultimately your home. Here we go.    


Classic Roller Shade (725x1024)

Neutral Colour groups such as white, beige or cream are always a safe bet to blend into the theme of your room. These colours are what we call “transitional” or “long lasting” as they can remain on your windows even if you decide to change the paint colour or furniture. Furthermore, they provide a very clean and elegant look to any room. Remember, just because its a neutral colour does not mean it is boring at all!


Roman Shades - Flat Fold Close up Bedroom

The most important factor to consider when deciding between a light vs. a dark colour window covering is the size of your space. In a smaller space, or room, it is wise to use a lighter colour to make the space look bigger and create more room. Darker colours, such as brown or black make a room feel a bit smaller, but cozy and warm.


cellular shade cordless beach house

Different colours give off different vibes and feelings. Warm colours, such as red, yellow and orange will give your room an energetic vibe. These colours would be perfect for a space that is exciting and more commonly used in the household. Look at it as a room you want to show off, like your kitchen or living room. Cooler colours, such as blue or green, are used in rooms that are more calming or soothing.

Now that you have absorbed all of this knowledge regarding colours for your window treatments, you can now start your shopping process! Review your room, decide on which product will suit your needs the best, choose the colour that will best describe the room and you are on your way to the custom, dream home you have always wanted. Don’t forget, Shade Works is having a site wide sale of 10% off all products using code “NEW15” upon checkout. Get started today at!

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Regular Size

In case you missed it, Shade Works Window Fashions was all over the news last week! Announcing the release of their new look website and update to the overall online window covering shopping experience. Shade Works has taken a step further to helping customers get the window coverings they want at the price that they deserve. Here is the amazing press release, picked up by some big names like Yahoo Finance.

Sheer Elegance Shades

Our passion for design is what fuels our fire to offer the best window covering products imaginable. This is why, with such excitement, our team at Shade Works is proud to announce our totally re-designed, new look website! has become the ultimate playground for finding todays trendiest, stylish, and functional window treatments.   Child safe blinds, automated shades, environmentally friendly fabric, and everything in-between, Shade Works offers a product for every need, want, and desire. Remember, your windows can be an outlet of your own expression. This is why all of our products our custom made and hand assembled to your exact specifications and delivered right to your door step!   We truly take sincere pride in our ability to service and guide our customers. From the first click of ordering free samples, to the last click of making a purchase, our pursuit of an unparalleled customer experience is relentless. With spring just around the corner, it is time to change things up and let your imagination run free! Stay inspired, and let ignite your passion for design.   For design and project ideas please visit our Blog or “Featured Projects” page, or any of our other social media outlets below   Facebook Twitter Instagram       Contact us directly for any assistance at, by phone at 1.888.870.2130, or through our live chat feature located on our website at from Monday to Friday, 9am – 9pm EST.

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Spring is definitely taking a little longer to have a presence, but it is inevitable that it is on its way! We can notice the warmer air, rain and flowers starting to bloom. In comparison, you can also notice that spring is on its way inside the home when you get that feeling of “Wow, I need to brighten this place up!” Spring is the perfect time to change things up, getting rid of your old, darker decor and replace with fun, bright colours. Whether you are on a budget, or not, here are the top ways to spice up your living room this spring.  


Roman Shades

Changing the paint colour in your living room is both cost effective and eye catching. It is a very easy way to change the look of the room and brighten up your entire home. One method in particular that is becoming more popular involves the painting of just the ceiling. This provides a focal point for the room as well as a uniqueness to impress your guests. Companies like Wow 1 Day Painting can complete the job for you in a day. Now, how easy is that?


vienna - Living Room Closed

What someone hangs on their walls is very good representation of who they are and what they are all about. The most common and popular way to go is picture frames with pictures of your family and friends. The same boring black, gold or silver frames, with no “pop”. What is the trend today? Colourful artwork with colourful frames! Check out Homesense and their Room Changers – Wall Art, a cost efficient way to change your room in style. Save your pictures for the fall and winter seasons, but for the spring put away those dusty frames and replace them with some colourful pieces of art!


Bright Sheer Horizonal

Window treatments in the home are often overlooked with respect to function and design. They have the ability to upgrade the look of your living room without breaking the bank and doing a complete renovation. Having window coverings that not only look beautiful, but that can also provide natural light are the most effective. Take Shade WorksSheer Horizontal or Sheer Elegance Shades. They not only dress up your window, but also allow natural light through their sheer openings. The perfect way to liven up your living room.


Closed Roller Shades (1024x700)

This is by far the most budget friendly way to spice up your living room. By simply re-arranging your current furniture into a new position you are not only changing the look, but also the function. Your guests will definitely notice a change and presume you have new furniture!

Now that you have learned a couple new tricks, get to work and create a new spring living room that your family and friends will adore.