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Where To Buy Window Coverings: Online Vs. In-store?

Where-to-buy-Blinds Often referred to as the “Great Debate” (just kidding), there has always been the ongoing conversation of where and how to buy window coverings. In the past, there were definitely no options, you would go back and forth to and from your local store finalizing all of the details behind your order. However, with the recent advancements in technology, life has become just a little bit easier. With just a couple of clicks, in the comfort of your own home, you are now able to get prices, see fabrics and even order FREE sample swatches. Both methods work, but the real question is what is best for you? Here are the top three aspects to consider when making your decision, ultimately leading you to the wonderful, convenient world of online shopping!

First Steps: Research and Quotes

Research-and-quotes Window coverings are very detailed, customized and specific. With the variety of products, fabrics and options available, it is definitely not a one step process when purchasing window treatments. Therefore, it is very important to do your homework, learn about what is out there and budget for your project. In this situation, the online versus in-store debate does not even exist. If you had the option of sitting at home and gathering all of your information or driving to a store like Home Depot and wait 10 minutes just to see one of their representatives, what would you choose? The online world (specifically allows you to shop around to see the different products, enter your sizes, choose your fabrics and instantaneously provide you with a rough estimate on prices. This is a great and easy way to get the process started! Not sure where to start? Live chat services are available for you to get answers within seconds.

Moving Forward: See, Touch and Feel

Moving-Forward-See-Touch-and-feel It is hard to dispute that seeing and feeling the window blind or shade is extremely important in the buying process. Seeing how it looks, trying it out and learning the functions helps you make your decision on the product that you like and want. However, with the advancements of photography and videos, customers can see detailed pictures and videos of their products online, which can go a long way in helping make their decision. One step further, customers are now able to sit at home and order FREE SAMPLES online. This allows them to not only see and feel the fabric they want, but also help them decorate within their home or office.

The Last Step: Free Shipping

Free-Shipping So, you have finally made your decisions, you have been back and forth to the local store three times. You got a quote, then you wanted to see the fabric colours, then you changed the paint colour and had to go back, oops! Now you have your 75” wide blinds and how do you get them home in your four door sedan? Online orders of window coverings come with FREE shipping right to your front door! Talk about allowing you to sit back and relax while we do the work. Work during the day and will not be home to accept the delivery? No problem, just inform the company and they will make the arrangements to get your shipment at the time that works for you. It doesn’t get much easier than this. At the end of the day, everyone is different. Some people have the need to see, feel and play with the products numerous times before making a big purchase. In contrast, others believe that time is money. Being able to shop in the comfort of your home, on your own time schedule is invaluable. With the development of the online world, purchasing window coverings has never been easier. Safe, secure, easy and fun, the best way to describe buying window coverings online. It all starts at, so get clicking! Enjoy.

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