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The Best Blinds For Your Living Room

The-Best-Blinds-for-Your-Living-Room-header If you could only choose one room in your home to put all your effort into designing, the LIVING ROOM would definitely top your list. It is the center of your home, and the main “hosting” area for your family and friends. It is the one area that sets the tone for your decorating style throughout your home and it all starts with your windows! best-blinds-for-your-living-room Choosing the best window treatments for your living room involves deciding what type of décor style you would like to go with. Keep in mind, that this style will follow you into each and every room in your home. On one hand, you can go with a window covering that is simple, and will blend in with your furniture and paint colour. On the other hand, you can go with a shade that is stylish, something that will dress up your window and stand out a little bit more in your living room. Either way, you want to choose a window covering that will represent YOU and your style in your home. Here are some options that will lead you in the décor direction you wish to follow.

Roller Shades for Your Living Room

best-blinds-for-your-living-room-2 Roller Shades provide a modern, clean design that will give you a streamlined look to any room in your home. With a wide variety of textures and colours, these shades will give you the ability to blend your window treatments in with the other elements of your room. Additionally, the different weaves can also offer you with various levels of light blockage and privacy for the optimal custom experience.

Sheer Elegance Shades for Your Living Room

best-blinds-for-your-living-room-3One of Shade Works’ top selling products, these shades truly have at all! They provide the ultimate combination of fashion and function. The fabric bands woven within a beautiful piece of sheer material provides an elegant look that dresses up your window. With many fabrics and colours to choose from, these window coverings can be subtle and stylish, or the main focal point of your living room. However, with one slight pull of the cord, you can line up the bands to obtain your privacy and light blockage. This window treatment is second to none.

Sheer Horizontal Shades for Your Living Room

best-blinds-for-your-living-room-4The first word that comes to mind when seeing Sheer Horizontal Shades is ELEGANT. These shades define class, and elevate the look of your living room. They provide a timeless, refined style, with an added sense of function. Having fabric vanes allows you to have the best control of natural light entering the room. However, due to the sheer design (two pieces of sheer fabric) of the product, even when the vanes are closed, filtered light will still be able to enter the room. These shades will certainly upgrade your living room.

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The living room is the central part of your home, it is where you will host and spend majority of your time throughout the day or evening. Do not underestimate the value and presence your window coverings can achieve. They will define the look of your living room and start your décor journey throughout the rest of your home. Contact us today (1.888.870.2130 or to get started! Have a great day.  

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