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The Best Blinds For Your Bathroom

The Best Blinds for your Bathroom There is never a “right” or “wrong” window covering to use in the bathroom, however, there is always the BEST window treatment to use! Today we are going to focus on the simple, yet complex factors relating to the bathroom in your home. Bathroom Blinds Not the hardest of windows to cover, as there are usually only a couple of windows, but choosing the right window treatment is extremely important. Why you ask? First off, the bathroom is always the smallest room in the home. Next, the temperature range is the most extreme, from cold air conditioning, to steamy hot, during a shower. Finally, brightness and light to elevate the look and style, but privacy needing to be maintained. For these factors and more, the following tips will help you immensely in choosing the perfect window covering for your bathroom.

Bathroom Roller Shades

Bathroom Roller Shades The best blinds for your bathroom will always be the ones that are moisture resistant, while at the same time still maintaining your privacy. It is without a doubt the one room in your home that needs to be the most private. Roller Shades can endure the moist and humid conditions the best. These shades also have the ability to blend in to your décor or stand out as an accent piece in the room. Any light filtering fabric (most popular being a white colour) will brighten up the room and preserve your privacy. Definitely the most popular choice when it comes to covering your windows in style and function in the bathroom!

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What is the best all-around window treatment to use in the bathroom? 2″ Fauxwood Blinds

Fauxwood Blinds in Bathroom Not only are they budget friendly, but these blinds are easy to upkeep and clean, as well as the most resistant to the conditions found in the typical bathroom. Please NOTE – we are suggesting Fauxwood Blinds – NOT Wood Blinds. Wood Blinds are not resistant to the heat and sunlight and are more likely to go through colour discolouration, as well as warping of the horizontal slats. Fauxwood Blinds are the most durable blinds out there. Made not to warp, you also have the ability to tilt the slats up and down to allow light into the room, but conserve your privacy.

Our last tip of the day is not what we suggest, but rather what to stay away from. Sometimes it is more helpful to educate consumers on what will not work, rather than what will work! As we mentioned above, you should definitely stay away from real wood products. In addition, we suggest to stay away from heavy Roman Shades. With long, cascading fabric, Roman Shades are simply not suited for the humidity of the bathroom. Renovating a bathroom is one of the more popular DIY projects to date. Please make sure to not forget about the window coverings as they will not only provide the perfect finishing touch to your décor, but will also functionally elevate the room! Feel free to contact us today (1.888.870.2130 or with any questions! Have a great day.

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