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SHADE WORKS SUCCESS STORY - JUNE 2015 Our success story for June comes directly from the Olympic Village in Vancouver, British Columbia! This development, originally built for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, is now one of Vancouver’s top waterfront communities. The home owner came to Shade Works with an issue often come across, too much sun, heat and light were entering her condo. Even with the light filtering roller shades, currently covering her windows, she noticed that the excessive sunlight was creating glare on her television screen, as well as increasing the temperature in her unit. Taking it one step further, some of her plants were being destroyed by the intense sunlight! Window Blinds Olympic Village This was one of Shade Works’ tougher projects. The customer still enjoyed some of the natural light coming through the shade or directly through the window at times throughout the day. What were we to do? The answer: install a second set of window coverings in front of the existing roller shades. Furthermore, we recommended our Premium Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades with the awesome Top Down Bottom Up lift system. Why these shades you ask? One, Honeycomb Shades require the smallest amount of depth for mounting, so we were able to fit the shades in front of the old roller shades, but still within the depth of the window frame. Two, the Top Down Bottom Up feature gave her complete control of the light entering her condo. She could block it all out, but at the same time only bring down the top portion to allow extra natural light into the room. This would be the best source of light coming from the highest point in the room! Olympic Village Window Blinds Following our standard Shade Works’ guidelines, we made sure to check with the strata and their by-laws to figure out a suitable time for installation. Since we were going to be installing the shades into concrete (a very loud process), it was important to discuss with property management the exact times that work can be performed. The homeowners could not have been happier with the end result! The honeycomb shades, in conjunction, with her already existing roller shades provided all the sun blockage needed and gave her complete control of the light entering her home at any given point throughout the day. This is a prime example of how Shade Works can not only help you to aesthetically cover your windows, but also to functionally improve your window treatments!

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