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The Best Blinds for Your Nursery What is more important than sleep for a young infant or baby? NOTHING! It is crucial that you regulate and control the amount of light entering your baby’s room. Due to the fact that they create their own sleeping hours, blackout blinds, or shades, are essential in creating an environment that enhances sleep. This way, street lamps at night, or the sun, mid-day, will not impact your baby’s sleeping habits and naps are never out of the question. The two biggest factors to think about when choosing the best blinds for your nursery are light blockage AND safety. As we mentioned, most babies require complete light blockage to sleep. However, what happens as they get a little bit older and are not contained in their crib? The answer – Cordless Window Treatments. No hanging or loose cords means no risk for possible strangulation. This accident, even though seems quite extreme, has been on the rise over the past 10 years. Considering these 2 factors here are the top Window Treatments that Shade Works recommends for your child’s nursery:  

Blackout Honeycomb Shades For Nurseries

 Blackout Honeycomb shades for nursery

Honeycomb shades are the ultimate window treatment for your baby’s nursery. Not only are they available with a Cordless Lift Option, but they create the most light blockage of all window coverings. In addition, they are extremely energy efficient. Their unique honeycomb structure allows them to insulate cold air in the room during the hot summer, while keeping the warm air in during the cold winter. Lastly, there is also the option for the Top Down Bottom Up lifting mechanism which can allow you to control the amount of natural sunlight entering the room, while maintaining your privacy. This shade is perfect for your nursery!  

Blackout Roller Shades For Nurseries

Blackout rollershades for your nursery If Honeycomb Shades provide the most light blockage of all the window treatments, than Roller Shades are definitely a close second. Having one piece of fabric extend from the top to the bottom, Roller Shades will block out almost all light from the outside world. Furthermore, they also have the option of being Cordless. Available as a pull down shade, this would take away all chains from the lifting mechanism. However, a lot of people love the easiness with which you can lift the shade up and down. Now government regulated, all roller shades come standard with a child safety fastener (also known as a cord tensioner). This keeps the cord tight and hidden, preventing young children from playing with it, leading to accidents. Lastly, Roller Shades require minimal upkeep and do not create an environment for dust to develop.

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In addition, there are other factors to consider when developing and designing your baby’s nursery. Along with the window treatments, the next most important factor has to be the colour scheme. Research has shown that babies respond well to primary colours, as well as simple black and white pictures. But, the fact still remains that the functional design (like the window treatments) are much more valuable than the aesthetics.   Whether your little one is on the way, or he is already with you in your home, it is extremely important to ensure that their bedroom creates a positive and safe environment for sleep and it all starts with the blinds! Head over to our sample department to order your Free Samples today to get started. Happy shopping!

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