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Just because you run into a few design dilemmas in your space, doesn’t mean you should give up on your décor dreams altogether! Do any of these 3 design dilemmas sound familiar? Let us walk you through the solutions. 3 Common Design Dilemmas Whether you rent or own, no two living spaces are the same. Some are wide, some are tight and some are altogether awkward. But that’s what gives your home character! Unfortunately, with character may come character flaws that make decorating your space more complicated than you had anticipated. Luckily, the !nspire team has come together to offer solutions to 3 of the most common design dilemmas.

Do any of these issues sound familiar to you? Read on…

Design Dilemma #1: Unsightly Radiators And Air Vents Do you live in an older home? If so, you might be dealing with tacky radiators that line the most prominent rooms in the house. By the looks of these unsightly heaters, they weren’t created with style in mind. Unfortunately there’s no way to remove these eyesores without installing an entire new heating mechanism, therefore we’ve come up with 2 options that make sense:

  • Paint the radiators

The great thing about radiators is they can easily be spray painted to match your room’s color palette; just cover your furniture with plastic and section off the radiators with cardboard and paint to your heart’s content! They come out beautifully and even add a unique sculptural aspect to your space.

  • Disguise with an open console

Disguising your radiator is another option many people like. The only issue with this solution is whatever object you place around your radiator must be latticed or vented so the heat can still escape.If you have an area with a smaller radiator, we recommend boxing it off with a gorgeous open console like the Bliss Console in antique silver. Bliss Console in Antique Silver Not only does this console open up your space with its unique mirrored pattern, it allows you to display some of your favorite accessories as well.

Design Dilemma #2: Lack Of Storage In The Guest Room

Lack of storage is a common problem in many homes, however a lack of storage or linen closet in the guest room may put your guests in an uncomfortable situation; for example, having to ask for extra pillows, blankets or towels. As a host, it’s important to make your guests feel at home, and giving them everything at their fingertips is a great way ensure that. If lack of space is a factor, try opting for a bed with built in storage like the Bugatti II Queen Storage Bed in black. Its adjustable headboard storage feature allows plenty of room for extra quilts and linens. Avery Bench in Grey If space isn’t an issue, an end-of-the-bed accent piece like the Avery Bench in grey is another go-to option for extra bath towels, pillows and overnight necessities. These functional storage options will help you get a good night’s rest knowing your guests are happy and comfortable in their accommodations—while giving your space a stylish boost to boot!

Design Dilemma #3: Awkwardly Placed Thermostat

Where is the thermostat located in your house? If you’re lucky, it’s off in a corner somewhere, easily hidden by a standing lamp or decorative accent. However, if you’re not so lucky, it’s awkwardly placed on your main wall, staring you in the face, making you cringe every time you walk by. We’ve seen this in many of our clients’ houses and we’ll admit, it’s tough design dilemma to deal with. Since it needs frequent access, it’s not something you typically want to conceal with a piece of artwork. You can either work with it, or against it. If you want to work with it, we suggest creating a gallery wall of art and photos around the thermostat; this way, it essentially blends in and doesn’t stick out as an eye sore. If you’re set on concealing it completely, we recommend placing a standing mirror directly in front of it; this way you still have access to it. If a standing mirror doesn’t work, a high-back piece like the Angus II Accent Chair acts as a focal point to draw your eye away from the thermostat while adding a touch of drama to your space; a win-win situation for everyone! Angus II Accent Chair Are you currently facing a tough design dilemma? Feel free to share your situation in the comments below and we’ll offer you our expert décor advice! Love your space, love your bank balance with !nspire. !nspire invites luxury into your home for an extended stay. Our unforgettable accent tables, ottomans, chairs, stools, and other accessories for the home make lasting impressions that your guests will love. It’s your home. Live beautiful!

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