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How to install blinds into Concrete Installing household items, such as window coverings, into concrete is often viewed as a daunting task. Concrete is hard, seems indestructible and impossible to work with, but with the right equipment and technique it is much easier than you may think! Using the right equipment is definitely priority number one, but following the correct steps is just as important. Here are some tips and tricks to help you tackle this task!


First and foremost, a conventional drill with a masonry drill bit will do the job. However, if you want to make things a little easier, invest in a hammer drill. A hammer drill rotates like a conventional drill, but also incorporates a hammering action to make it easier to get through the concrete. You can even find these for rent at your local hardware store!

Did we mention how noisy and dusty it may get? Well, it will! Be sure to have proper eye protection and ear plugs to help you out.

Always use Anchors! These are plastic bits (seen below) that are inserted into the drilling hole to ensure that your screws are secured into your walls or ceiling.


Anchor in Ceiling


When drilling into the ceiling, make sure to exert force vertically to drill deeper and make the hole as narrow as possible. Same goes with drilling into walls, but the only difference will be to exert your force horizontally. After drilling the hole, insert your anchor and tap it in so it remains flush with the hole.

Once again, another reminder about the noise. Make sure to check with your buildings strata (if in an apartment or condo) regarding the hours that you are available to perform this work.

Drilling into Ceiling

There you go! There is no such thing as an impossible task! Follow the steps, use the right equipment and you are on your way to becoming a DIY handyman. Shade Works is here to help. Good luck and have a great long weekend!

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