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Here at Shade Works, the most popular question we get on a daily basis is “Which colour window treatment will be best for my window and room?” This is an extremely loaded question as there are numerous factors to consider. Shade Works not only carries a wide variety of fabric collections for each product, but also many colours within these collections. This can leave a shopper very overwhelmed with all of the options available. Don’t worry Canada, we are here to help! Below are a list of different colour categories to help guide you in choosing the right colour for your room and ultimately your home. Here we go.    


Classic Roller Shade (725x1024)

Neutral Colour groups such as white, beige or cream are always a safe bet to blend into the theme of your room. These colours are what we call “transitional” or “long lasting” as they can remain on your windows even if you decide to change the paint colour or furniture. Furthermore, they provide a very clean and elegant look to any room. Remember, just because its a neutral colour does not mean it is boring at all!


Roman Shades - Flat Fold Close up Bedroom

The most important factor to consider when deciding between a light vs. a dark colour window covering is the size of your space. In a smaller space, or room, it is wise to use a lighter colour to make the space look bigger and create more room. Darker colours, such as brown or black make a room feel a bit smaller, but cozy and warm.


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Different colours give off different vibes and feelings. Warm colours, such as red, yellow and orange will give your room an energetic vibe. These colours would be perfect for a space that is exciting and more commonly used in the household. Look at it as a room you want to show off, like your kitchen or living room. Cooler colours, such as blue or green, are used in rooms that are more calming or soothing.

Now that you have absorbed all of this knowledge regarding colours for your window treatments, you can now start your shopping process! Review your room, decide on which product will suit your needs the best, choose the colour that will best describe the room and you are on your way to the custom, dream home you have always wanted. Don’t forget, Shade Works is having a site wide sale of 10% off all products using code “NEW15” upon checkout. Get started today at!

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