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Spring is definitely taking a little longer to have a presence, but it is inevitable that it is on its way! We can notice the warmer air, rain and flowers starting to bloom. In comparison, you can also notice that spring is on its way inside the home when you get that feeling of “Wow, I need to brighten this place up!” Spring is the perfect time to change things up, getting rid of your old, darker decor and replace with fun, bright colours. Whether you are on a budget, or not, here are the top ways to spice up your living room this spring.  


Roman Shades

Changing the paint colour in your living room is both cost effective and eye catching. It is a very easy way to change the look of the room and brighten up your entire home. One method in particular that is becoming more popular involves the painting of just the ceiling. This provides a focal point for the room as well as a uniqueness to impress your guests. Companies like Wow 1 Day Painting can complete the job for you in a day. Now, how easy is that?


vienna - Living Room Closed

What someone hangs on their walls is very good representation of who they are and what they are all about. The most common and popular way to go is picture frames with pictures of your family and friends. The same boring black, gold or silver frames, with no “pop”. What is the trend today? Colourful artwork with colourful frames! Check out Homesense and their Room Changers – Wall Art, a cost efficient way to change your room in style. Save your pictures for the fall and winter seasons, but for the spring put away those dusty frames and replace them with some colourful pieces of art!


Bright Sheer Horizonal

Window treatments in the home are often overlooked with respect to function and design. They have the ability to upgrade the look of your living room without breaking the bank and doing a complete renovation. Having window coverings that not only look beautiful, but that can also provide natural light are the most effective. Take Shade WorksSheer Horizontal or Sheer Elegance Shades. They not only dress up your window, but also allow natural light through their sheer openings. The perfect way to liven up your living room.


Closed Roller Shades (1024x700)

This is by far the most budget friendly way to spice up your living room. By simply re-arranging your current furniture into a new position you are not only changing the look, but also the function. Your guests will definitely notice a change and presume you have new furniture!

Now that you have learned a couple new tricks, get to work and create a new spring living room that your family and friends will adore.

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