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As we are watching the winter season drift off in our rear view mirrors, we can not help but get excited for the spring and summer seasons that lie ahead. It is the perfect time for everyone to be moving into their new home and preparing for the warmer seasons. Here at Shade Works we are busier than ever and excited at the opportunity to help families cover their windows in their new homes. Take Jessica and Robbie for example. These newlyweds purchased a new condo over a year ago and were finally getting close to their move in date when they contacted Shade Works. We had the luxury of meeting with this couple in their new place and take in the unbelievable view of Downtown Toronto.

Photo 2015-02-25, 10 46 13 AMPhoto 2015-02-25, 10 46 32 AM

It was then time to get down to business. The newlyweds wanted a simple, modern look to their window coverings, but most importantly, something that would preserve their amazing view. They also had concerns about the size of the windows and the sun exposure. They wanted to ensure their place would not be a “sauna” on hot, sunny summer days. The answer – Shade Works’ Solar Roller Shades. These shades not only match the simple, clean look, but they preserve your view and maintain your privacy all at the same time. Energy efficient? YES. These shades will not only reflect the sun rays, but also block UV rays and any other harmful substances. Here is a look at the end result in their living area, with our 5% Zenith Collection and Chalk colour:

Photo 2015-03-20, 11 34 23 AM

In the bedroom, they wanted to be consistent, but at the same time were concerned about the light early in the morning. No problem! We suggested the 3% collection which would block out more light and allow for a better sleep all the way through the night and early morning. Have a look:

Photo 2015-03-20, 11 44 01 AM

Thank you Jessica and Robbie, we could not have asked for a better couple to work with and the end result was fantastic! To get started today visit our Free Sample Department to order your swatches and start decorating for Spring 2015!

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