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SW Guest Blog – Lorena Zuniga, Casa Moderna Designs

  Choosing a colour scheme for Spring in your home can be quite difficult. You are preparing for the new season, anticipating the flowers to bloom and many colours to be exposed. So, where to begin? Lorena Zuniga from Casa Moderna Designs will walk you through 5 simple tips to get you started and conquer colour this spring! TIP #1 Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Use colours that are outside your comfort zone.  Start with small pieces and as you get more comfortable incorporate larger, more colourful pieces into your project.  Remember, there are no ugly colours…just ugly colour combinations.

Tip 1

TIP #2Natural light should be your best friend. Covering your windows, seems like an easy task, but it is important to ensure you cover them the right way. In rooms with big spaces ensure to cover your windows to allow some natural light through to brighten up the area. For example, using a light fabric on a Designer Light Filtering Roller Shade.

Bell House - After Pics 028

Or, get even more creative with a Sheer Elegance Shade that allows light to pass through the sheer fabric in between the coloured bands!


TIP #3 – Find the opportunity to use colour in every element.  Don’t limit yourself to colourful pillows and flowers.  Bring colour into a bedroom with a funky headboard or a cool side table.

Tip 3

TIP #4 – Bring colours home.  The lighting in a store is very different from the lighting in your home.  Both artificial light and natural light will affect the look of a colour.  For this reason, things rarely look the same as they do in the store.  Take samples of the products your are considering purchasing and see how they look in your home before making your final decision.

Tip 4

TIP #5 – Make every decision deliberate.   Everything you choose to incorporate into a room should have a particular purpose no matter how small.

Tip 5

Now that the sun is out, the grass is green and you have your colour scheme tips in mind, it is time to get started and get your home ready for Spring! Good luck!

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