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Did you switch up your shades this winter? The good news is that your windows will continue to look good throughout spring too! Let Shadeworks Window Fashions Inc. take you through the best possible shades for your window treatments while the weather turns! With the winter season still in full swing for at least another week or two, it is time to help ourselves against Mother Nature’s white wonderland. By now you’re tired of skiing (is that possible?), you’re almost out of firewood and your you’ve put your skates aside. What else is there to do? Well, your home may need some prep too! While it is easy to focus on the extra blankets and sweaters to stay comfortable in late winter/early spring, it is also a great idea to keep your home warm as well! Specifically, getting your windows ready by switching up your shades and adding window treatments that will not only insulate your home, but also help lower your heating costs throughout the year.


Once thought to be strictly for style and fashion, advancements in technology and design have allowed window treatments to become more prominent and more important in the home. With the ability to insulate warm air, and provide UV protection, while allowing sunlight into the room, the right window coverings can do it all and leave you more prepared than ever for the cold winter season.   Here are the top 3 window treatments for the season:   1. HONEYCOMB SHADES


Honeycomb Shades are one of the best window coverings for every season. The honeycomb structure of the shade acts as a natural insulator by trapping warm air in pockets to keep your home warm. This unique design allows for, not only, energy efficiency, but also UV protection from the sun. Available in both light filtering and blackout fabrics, they are also manufactured to cultivate privacy. These window treatments do it all and can be used in any room throughout the home! 2. ROMAN SHADES


Roman Shades are the ideal window covering for those looking for the unique combination of style and function. Manufactured and designed to be thicker in nature, the fabric and shade will provide insulation, but will also dress up your window. These shades are beautiful, but more importantly versatile. They have a soft drapery appearance, while maintaining the function of an operable shade. Perfect for any room in which you want to add a sense of style to your windows, and at the same time will keep your heating costs down. 3. SOLAR SHADES


Solar Shades can be one of the most technologically advanced window treatments available in the industry today. Known as being extremely energy efficient, they have the ability to conserve warm air in the home, while blocking out harmful UV rays. In addition to protecting you and your family, these shades will also maintain the quality of your furniture and floors in your home. Shade Works, a Canadian, Online Retailer, allows you to choose these Solar Shade Fabrics as Roman or Roller Shades for the ultimate custom and energy efficient window coverings experience! Depending on where you live, it’ll be another month or two before we start to feel the real heat. But at least you have the knowledge to help you stay warm while enhancing your windows so that, when spring weather finally arrives, your windows will look as beautiful as the scene outside!

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