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With the Holiday Season fast approaching, families are working diligently to get their homes ready for the most exciting time of the year. The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a great opportunity to host dinners, parties and all the fun you can imagine. However, with hosting comes preparation. Each and every person wants to make sure that, not only, is their home ready, but to flaunt its style and decor.   One of the most common question we receive at Shade Works is how to choose the perfect window covering for a classy, stylish living room. More specifically a “White” living room. Today must be your lucky day because we are about to expose our secrets and help you put the perfect finishing touch to your windows in your elegant, white living room.   A white living room offers a fresh and clean background for all decors. It allows you to add your own style and flair to your decor with exciting textures, patterns and colours. In other words, have fun with it! Choosing the right window coverings can help elevate your room and take it to the next level. Even though you may be an amateur interior decorator, following the design tips below can allow you to enjoy professional decorating results.   1. Consider the most practical element of your window. For example, is the room clearly exposed to the street? If so, you need to consider having blinds that provide privacy for you and your family. However, having a small, dark room may lead you to choose a lighter shade, like a sheer shade, to allow light into the room and preserve your view at the same time. 2. Select the style of shades or blinds that will “frame” your window. Different window coverings will help outline the shape and beauty of your window. Don’t undervalue the look of a beautiful window or french doors. Honeycomb Shades are a perfect example when mounted inside the frame. They not only outline the window, but with amazing colours and special top down bottom up features you can maintain privacy while allowing natural light into the living room.

3. Choose fabrics that will match and coordinate with your upholstered furniture, yet contrast with your walls. With white walls, your window coverings will contrast with any pop of colour. Adding texture may also add some interest and style. Ensure to hold the fabric up against your white wall to see how it will look. Light Filtering Roller Shades are a great example as Shade Works offers a wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from! You can order Free Samples HERE

There you go! Take these amazing tips and head into your Living Room to get the process started. Evaluate your room, evaluate your windows and in no time you will have the stylish, classy white living room that you have always wanted. Good luck and happy holidays!

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