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French Doors are the epitome of style and function. They have the ability to elevate any room with their sophisticated look and functional capacity to be a direct source of light for your home. French Doors provide many views through double expanses of glass that are framed to enhance your view even further. Often referred to as classic in nature, these doors will always remain a timeless look for your home.  

French Doors

  Now, the most important question remains, how do we cover these doors properly? Due to the common location of these doors, families need their privacy, so window treatments are essential. However, it is important to be extremely methodical as you do not want to limit the look of these beautiful doors. One fact that must stay consistent throughout this whole process is that they need to be covered with a Light Filtering window treatment! This will ensure that the door’s detail and view will not be obscured in any way.

The best way to choose the correct window covering for a French Door is to break it down into two categories: a Soft option vs. a Hard option. Each option will provide its own unique look, while maintaining the same purpose.   SOFT OPTIONS


French Door

  The two window treatment that fall into this category include Roman Shades and Sheer Horizontal Shades. Each maintain a soft design, while providing the necessary amount of light into the room. Roman Shades allow for better managed privacy levels with its top down bottom up feature. In comparison, Sheer Horizontal Shades provide a more elegant look, but also allow light into the room much quicker with one turn of the vanes. Depending on your style and desire, each of these window coverings will be perfect for your French Doors.   HARD OPTIONS  

wood french doors

  This category includes both Wood and Metal Blinds. These window treatments provide a more structural look to the doors and help shape their overall design. Outlining exactly where the cords and wands will be located will help even more create a simple, yet efficient design to show off your French Doors.   ONE LAST TIP! Make sure to avoid extending the window treatments too far beyond the actual glass in width or depth to minimize obstruction from your door locks or handles! You are now ready to move forward with covering your French doors. Head over to our Sample Department to order your free samples to see and feel our many fabrics! Shade Works is happy to provide you with the information you need and the prices you want to cover all your windows AND DOORS in style. Good Luck!

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