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Whether you have been living in your home for years or moving into a new home, cleanliness, specifically the control of dust, is a crucial factor in your family’s health. Even though dust is very hard to see, it is most often there and comes about from places and things that we least expect. About 90% of household dust comes from people and their clothing being tracked into the home! Wow, that it not only an unexpected source, but a very high number as well. In addition, the most vulnerable family members are the youngest. Infants are 100 times more susceptible to health hazards of dust pollutants compared to adults.   The accumulation of dust occurs when tiny bits of skin, pet dander, cloth, dirt and other particles gather. Although there is no way to completely eliminate dust in our home, limiting the amounts goes a long way in reducing allergies and other health issues. One key point to remember is in areas where there is no air movement, the particles will stay put, where in high traffic areas, the particles are constantly rising and settling into different areas. Therefore, it is important to target the items and places in your home that are fixed as they will contain the most dust.   Below are different ways in which you can limit the amount of dust in your home:   Control your Clothing It is very important to keep your clothes contained in your closet. More specifically, clothing that you do not wear often (a couple of times per year) should go in plastic containers or garment bags. This will prevent the shedding of the fibers and accumulation of dust. In addition, the organization will make it much easier to dust within your closet!   Bedding Another way to help eliminate dust from the most likely sources is your bedding. Believe it or not, a lot of dust comes from your skin cells, so allow your bedding to do the work for you. Keep in mind that it is recommended to was your bedding at least once a week.

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  Clear the Way! You are more likely to weave around items that are on your floor or carpet when vacuuming. To ensure that you clean all of the dust in the most efficient manner make sure to remove all items from the area you intend to clean.   Heavy Duty Doormats Invest in a quality doormat or carpet for the most used entrances in your home. As mentioned earlier, the highest percentage of dust in the home comes from you and your clothing! These mats or carpets are designed to trap the particles for you.   Clean Your Window Coverings Window coverings are a prime location for dust to gather as they are mainly stagnant throughout most days. It is important to clean these coverings as often as you can using the right item, ranging from a vacuum, to a damp cloth, to an everyday electrostatic duster. Click HERE to learn more about which items to clean the specific window coverings you have in your home.

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  Now that you know what to do, get to it! Clean up your home from the hot and messy Summer season and prepare for the cold. You will be spending more time indoors over the winter season, so make sure your home is dust free! Nothing is more important than your family’s health. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at 1.888.870.2130.

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