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A Before and After Look Inside a Beautiful Home in North York, Ontario 

Front of House

It was about 6 weeks ago when Shade Works was first contacted to do a big project in a North York, Ontario Home. As our team arrived on the scene there was only one thing that came to mind, “This is going to be Shade Works biggest project to date!” As we explored the home and the many rooms, we knew that there was so much potential and a project that we would never forget. First and foremost, Shade Works always begins the design process by determining the use and function of each room, ultimately leading to the desired function of the window coverings. From there, our team recommends not only different products, but also different collections and colours. The job was officially underway, with both our team and the customers as excited as ever.   There were 3 transformations in the home that we will feature for you today. These rooms were decorated and designed to perfection and included a textbook finishing touch with Shade Works Designer Roller Shades. Not only did these Window Shades look amazing, but they were also functionally designed to meet the needs of the customer and the room. Here we go.   Luxury Living/Media Room  

Bell House - After Pics 002Bell House - After Pics 061

  Wow. The alteration in this room was by far the biggest of them all. As you can see from the before pictures, the windows contained Solar Shades that completely contrasted in colour to the drapes. This was a big concern from our design team. The family loved the drapes and did not want to get rid of them so the Shade Works team adapted and suggested a darker colour, Blackout Roller Shade (Castle Rock – Espresso). Not only did these shades match perfectly with the drapery and paint colour on the walls, but they would also block out all the sun, ultimately removing the glare off their Television screen. Their Living Room (and Media Room) was now complete.   Beautiful Bedrooms  

Bedroom 3 - Sams RoomBell House - After Pics 105

Bedroom 1 Wide ViewBell House - After Pics 100

  Working in the bedrooms had to be the most enjoyable for our design team. With minimal restrictions, Shade Works was able to be very creative and think outside the box. The only factor to involve in the decision was that the customer wanted some sort of natural light entering the rooms and (specifically in the 1st bedroom shown above) the capability to see the beautiful mullions within the windows. Keeping all of this in mind, Shade Works decided on Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades (Ambiance – Charcoal – Room 1 / Andes – Cloud – Room 2), ones that had texture to stand out and colours to match. Check out the awesome outcomes above.   Boss Basement  

Basement - Right WindowsBell House - After Pics 081

  Having a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard makes the basement that much more important in the interior design process. Furthermore, it ensures that this room will be used more often and there will be more demand on the function of the window coverings. There was no hesitation here to cover the windows with Designer Blackout Roller Shades (Maui – Pebble), specifically with a textured fabric that would block out all sunlight and maintain privacy from the pool area.   For those people out there who feel that window coverings do not have an impact on the design and functionality of any room in the home, think again! This was a prime example of how Shade Works can help turn your house into a home, one window at a time. We could not be more proud of this project, but are most excited that our customers are extremely happy with the results. Call us today to get going on YOUR project – 1.888.870.2130 or visit to get started!

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