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It is without a doubt that as a society we have entered into the “Modern Era”. Everywhere we go and everywhere we look, it is buildings, restaurants, offices and homes that are changing to gain that new, trendy look. However, what is modern? Some say it is simple, yet sophisticated. Smaller, thinner items that are shiny, or simply just black and white. However, we cannot truly define modern because each person has their own taste when it comes to design and decor.   Majority of homes today are decorated to obtain the classic, elegant look that is timeless, but we have noticed the shift in style to the more modern appearance. One important factor in all of this: Window Coverings. Dressing up your windows can play a vital role in transitioning your décor from classic to contemporary.  

 vienna - Living Room Closed

Below are two prime examples, of recent Shade Works projects, showing the evolution of window treatments.   WOOD SHUTTERS –> DESIGNER ROLLER SHADES This transition from Wood Shutters to Roller Shades was done in a Kitchen that was recently renovated. The family had decided to update their windows (via Omega Windows) and realized that their shutters were blocking these brand new, beautiful windows. Updating to Roller Shades would allow them to roll up the entire shade quite easily to show off their windows and expand the size of the room. Furthermore, choosing a Designer Light Filtering Fabric (Embroidery – White) made of polyester created a simple, yet chic look that is the epitome of the current modern trend. Here are the before and after pictures:  

Klein Home - AFTER Pics 009Klein Home - AFTER Pics 012

  ROMAN SHADE –> SHEER ELEGANCE SHADE Our next makeover occurred in a very unique part of a home. As you walked up their stairs, there was a small nook that sat in the corner; however, it was visible from the front hallway so was still important in their design aspect. Originally, they had a classy Roman Shade, that is timeless, but a hit or miss with interior designers today. As the home was being shifted to the modern style it was felt that this window covering had to be updated. The answer: A Sheer Elegance Shade. This shade depicts modern, with the coloured bands being separated by sheer fabric to dress up your window in style. Pull the cord slightly and the bands line up to create complete privacy. This shade does it all. Below is a picture of the transition:  

Klein Home - AFTER Pics 003Klein Home - AFTER Pics 034 (1)

Regardless of your style, taste, budget or purpose, Shade Works has all of the window coverings you need to dress up your windows and match the décor that YOU want. Order your FREE Samples or Call Us Today (1.888.870.2130) to help you get started on your project! Happy Thursday!

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