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It is without a doubt that the most popular window covering within Shade Works and across the country are Roller Shades. They are timeless window treatments, as they provide a clean look, but also dress up your windows in style, without breaking your budget. In addition, the diversity to hold Light Filtering, Blackout or Designer Print fabrics make them that much more desirable. Families have the ability to cover their windows with different functioning fabrics, however maintaining the same, consistent Roller Shade look throughout their home. What more could you ask for?   More recently, Shade Works has taken the next step to provide an even cleaner and stylish look to your windows. All of our Cassettes (Optional Upgrade) are now manufactured with a Fabric Insert! This allows for the clean, uniform look to your window that interior designers have been preaching for years. Talk about bringing fashion and style to your windows. This product does it all and will continue to do so for years to come.  

fabric insert cassette


Below are the Top 5 Most Popular Fabric Collections Manufactured as Roller Shades:

 5. Juneau (Blackout)

Janet - Cottage 002

Fabrics in this collection are textured and manufactured to be PVC free in their composition. These fabrics are 100% polyester.

COLOURS: Barley, Black, Chalk, Dark Grey, Grey, Ivory and White

4. Maui (Blackout)

Bell House - After Pics 085

Fabrics in this collection are manufactured with a unique foam backing, while still providing a textured feeling.

COLOURS: Espresso, Latte, Maui White, Off White, Pebble, Sand and White

3. Linseed (Light Filtering)

Bell House - After Pics 047

 Fabrics in this collection are unique with an exquisite linen pattern, containing a slub. These fabrics are made of 100% polyester.

COLOURS: Harvest, Natural, Wheat and White

2. Castle Rock (Blackout)

Bell House - After Pics 060

 Fabrics in this collection are textured with a soft look and feel. These fabrics are of 100% polyester.

COLOURS: Black, Burgundy, Cocoa, Cream, Espresso, Steel and White

1. Andes (Light Filtering)

Bell House - After Pics 015

 Fabrics in this collection present a linen look and are made of 100% polyester.

COLOURS: Cloud, Coffee, Natural, Onyx, Sand, Sienna and Snow

    Head over to our Sample Department to order up to 10 FREE Samples to not only see, but to feel our amazing fabrics and colours! Contact us today for a free estimate at 1.888.870.2130 or email us at Have a great week!

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