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Choosing a colour scheme in your home can be very intimidating, especially if you aren’t sure where to start.  Follow these 6 simple tips to help you conquer your colours.   1. Decide on your theme.   You can choose a monochromatic theme (where everything is one colour).  If this is what you are drawn too, remember to add interest by using different tones/shades of that one colour and various textures.  Monochromatic rooms can look very dull and flat if the eye doesn’t have varying elements to look at.  

Colour scheme 1

  If you prefer something more colourful, then a polychromatic theme (various colours) is what you want.  As a general rule of thumb, choose three colours you’d like to work with.  If you are unsure of a good colour combination, find inspiration in everyday items like a piece of art work or a pattern in a rug or pillow.  

Colour scheme 2 pic 1Colour scheme 2 pic 2

  2. Apply the 60-30-10 colour rule.   Divide your three colours into percentages: 60% dominant colour, 30% secondary colour, 10% accent colour, to give you the right balance of colours within your space.  

Colour scheme 3

  3. Always use a variation of textures to add depth and visual interest to your space.   Wool pillows, leather sofa, wooden side table, metal lamp, glass mirror – the differing textures makes the eye want to explore the space and creates appeal.  

Colour scheme 4

  4. Play with contrast.   Whether you decided to offset bright colours with a pop of dark colour or you choose to accentuate your brand new sofa, use contrast to your advantage and highlight your favourite elements within the space.  

Colour scheme 5

  5. Use light to accentuate colour.   Natural light is the best source of lighting that a room can receive. Window coverings like Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades shown below, (or Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades) are a great way to allow light into the room, help a colour “pop”, and reduce the heat levels from the sun. In comparison, artificial light is easy to control.  Be deliberate in where you place your lighting.  

Colour scheme 5 honeycomb

  6. HAVE FUN and always decorate to YOUR tastes.   You are the one that will be using the space so the most important opinion is your own.     There you have it! All the information and tips you need to go ahead and redecorate your home with a new colour scheme that will help bring your home to the next level! Shade Works is proud to welcome Lorena Zuniga, of Casa Moderna Designs, to its Interior Design Team and we are excited for the projects we will work together on moving forward.

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