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With summer quickly coming to an end and the “back to school” season upon us, we would like to share with you some simple, but effective DIY Home Improvements to clean up and add value to your home. With the kids off to school, you will now have a little more time on your hands to pay attention to your home. The following Home Improvements do not require any extensive knowledge or education, but will still have an impact on you and your family’s well-being.   1. Clean out your Dryer Duct/Vent – Lint buildup in your dryer duct can increase the risk of fire. Even though you clean out the lint filter after each use, excessive lint buildup still occurs, slowly and gradually. Lint is created from wet clothes as the water is being removed from the clothes during the drying process. Click Here for further instructions on exactly how to get it done!   2. Pressure Wash – Over time, our sidewalks, pathways and driveways all accumulate grime, dust, and, in some cases, even algae. Pressure/Power washing is a good way to remove these eyesores. Although it may be time consuming, the improvements are noticeable and will not cost you too much to complete. Do your research and find a local equipment rental company and make sure you ask them plenty of questions! Please keep in mind these are dangerous tools and you should not operate them unless you understand the Safety Instructions and Details.   3. Replace your Window Coverings – Window coverings can definitely impact the look of a room. You may think it would be a big task to complete, but think again! It can all be completed with a couple clicks of your mouse, online, here at First, visit our Sample Department to see which products you are interested in. These sample swatches will be mailed to you (free of charge), so that you can touch, feel and see the fabric in the light and with your existing décor. Once you are satisfied that you have picked the right products, fabrics and colours, the window coverings are shipped right to your door (once again free of charge)! Measurment/Removal/Disposal/Installation services can all be arranged.   

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  Goodluck and enjoy having the extra time to help turn your house into YOUR HOME!

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