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As we approach the Labour Day long weekend, we look back at the Summer of 2014. Even though it did take a while, the sun did eventually come out and provide us with some great weekend sunshine! Nothing beats a summer weekend at the cottage and this is where our Shade Works success story leads us today. Covering the windows of a cottage is not an easy task. Every cottage is different. Whether it is the design of the windows, the size or even the direction that they face, each of these details are equally important. Jaimie, a first time customer, approached Shade Works towards the beginning of the Summer about window coverings for her cottage. Just like every other potential customer, Shade Works first discussed the main function of the shades and then from there provided Jaimie with numerous options. Jaimie’s cottage had many wide windows, in both the main living areas, as well as the bedrooms. However, the one thing stressed was that she did not want the shades to compromise the view. Her cottage is right on the water and her family loved to look out at this view during all hours of the day. The main problem? Morning sunshine. As most of her bedroom windows faced East, the current drapes were just not enough to block out the sun and allow her and her family to sleep in past 7am. The answer: Designer Blackout Roller Shades!  


  After multiple meetings it was decided that the bedroom windows would be covered with Blackout Roller Shades, in the Juneau collection and Barley colour. The shades will block 100% of incoming light and offer complete privacy to allow the family to sleep in, even while the bright sun rises. They also come standard with a colour coordinated ball chain and fabric inserted bottom rail to provide a simple, yet stylish look to the bedrooms. Then, after waking up, Jaimie can use the easy lifting mechanism to roll up the shades and reclaim the view that they love. Here are a couple of pictures to show you the end result:   Cottage 1Cottage 2   Thank you Jaimie for a great experience covering your cottage windows! Enjoy the long weekend and the extra sleep! For all of your window covering needs you can start by ordering your Free Samples or contact us today for further questions at 1.888.870.2130 or by email at!

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