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So, you have recently moved into a new home or office and have noticed that your new neighbors are frequently around your windows. They may be exhibiting some types of nosy behavior, so you think to yourself, how can I alleviate this situation? Naturally, you don’t want to start off with negative neighborhood relations, but you also don’t want to set a precedent for allowing unacceptable behavior. Draw Your Line in the Sand The first thing that you should do is to establish firm boundaries — if they catch you outside and begin asking intrusive questions, for instance, politely but firmly cut the conversation short. If you do this several times, they should soon get the message that you aren’t available for idle chatter. However, this won’t stop them from other taking other nosy actions such as looking in your windows. Using the same firm, no-nonsense approach can put an end to this behavior also. The right kind of blinds sends a clear message to prying eyes. Now, which blinds or shades will work best for this situation you ask? The answer:¬†Honeycomb shades!¬†They are an excellent option for those needing to secure their privacy and here is why. Let the Sun Shine In

Light Honeycomb

  Many home and business owners dislike having the blinds drawn during the day because they enjoy being able to see out as well as like to have a great deal of natural light in their indoor environment. Light Filtering Honeycomb shades allow you to have both of those while preserving your privacy. Here is how:

  • The top-down-bottom-up feature provides you with the ability to have the tops and bottoms of the blinds open to let in all that lovely sunlight while the middle is closed to protect your privacy.
  • Honeycomb shades allow you to have immediate, complete privacy with just one quick pull of the cord or chain. This sends a strong message to those peering into your home or office that their interest in you isn’t welcome, and you don’t have to say a word.
  • The right blinds not only keep nosy neighbors at bay, but they’ll help protect potential thieves from peeking into the interior of your home or office.

Here is an example of a perfect way allow natural light into your Kitchen, while maintaining your privacy:

Top down bottom up for blog

Using Honeycomb shades provides you with a win-win situation. You’ll have protection from snoops and thieves as well as an attractive window dressing for your home or office, the ultimate combination! Get yours today!

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