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Remember the last time you were woken up by a passing siren or construction going on outside your room? Whether you’re a heavy or light sleeper, nobody likes to be woken up earlier than they have to by noises coming from outside the home. This is one of the reasons that soundproofing has become so popular in recent years. Soundproofing can be used for more than just keeping loud noises (from your aspiring garage band) from irritating your neighbors, it can also be used to keep sound out of your home, so you can rest easy without early morning (or late night) distractions. There are several different ways to go about soundproofing a room in your house. The following are three of the most effective and most popular. Install Honeycomb Shades Arguably the best way of soundproofing a home is through the use of honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades are easy to install, highly efficient, and reasonably priced. In addition, they not only keep the home insulated from outside noise, but they also are effective at keeping air conditioning (or heat) from escaping the house, resulting in lower energy bills.

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Honeycomb shades are shaped like an accordion, which allows them to restrict the ability to air and noise from passing through. Honeycomb shades are also great at insulating from sunlight, so you won’t be woken up before you want to from early morning sunlight.


Install Double-Pane Windows Double-pane windows are an alternative to honeycomb shades. While they work best in conjunction with honeycomb shades, they can also work fairly well on their own. Double-pane windows replace traditional windows, and utilize two separate pieces of glass to create the window. The extra layer of glass between you and the outside helps to significantly reduce the noise that can make it into your home. A more extreme solution is triple-pane glass, which can reduce nearly all of the outside noise. The biggest issue with double and triple-pane glass is the fact that it is significantly more expensive than honeycomb shades and other soundproofing alternatives, and can often cost several thousand dollars to install. Check out Jeld Wen Windows and Doors to see your options! Move the bedroom closer to the center of the house Putting the bedroom closer to the middle of the house, and away from potentially busy streets, is another alternative to window replacement or honeycomb shades. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible or practical in every home, particularly if you live in an apartment or a full house. The other problem is that rooms closer to the interior of the house do not always have a window, which can be quite claustrophobic for anyone who actually has to sleep there. This solution should only be used when window panes and honeycomb shades are simply not an option. If you want to have sounder sleep, you best bet is honeycomb shades. However, there are alternatives if you really need them.

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