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As the summer quickly arrived, Justin was just about ready to move into his brand new, Downtown Toronto, Condo. Everything was set up, the only thing that remained were coverings for his windows. Justin wanted to wait to see the final result of the paint colour on the wall and the marble colour of the island. Now, he was officially ready to go! During his extensive research to find the perfect company to help with his dilemma, Justin came across Shade Works when searching through Yellow Pages brand new website. As Justin recalls, “They just seemed to be the perfect fit for what I was looking for. A good combination of variety of products, along with the classic and premium collections to appeal to my budget. Plus I loved the name Shade Works!” He was now ready to work with Shade Works to cover his windows in style and function.

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Firstly, there was a good sized, south facing, window that needed to be covered. At first, Justin thought this would be a tough decision to make as there were so many options to choose from. However, Shade Works made it an easy choice. We immediately suggested a Basic Solar-Roller Shade. To be exact, it is a 3% Solar Shade (Zenith Collection) in a sleek looking Grey colour. Not only would the shade be extremely clean looking and modern to match Justin’s style, but it would also preserve his beautiful South facing view of Downtown Toronto (including Honest Ed’s right there!), while maintaining his privacy inside. In addition, the 3% Solar Shade will block 97% of incoming light, as well as harmful UV rays, to keep his condo cool during the hot summer days. This was a no-brainer decision for Justin. Next, there was a sliding door that leads right to the patio. When looking for a condo Justin knew that a patio was necessary as he would take full advantage and use it almost daily. This was an important factor to choosing the right window treatment in this situation. Shade Works recommended a simple Vertical Blind. Not only budget friendly, these blinds are easy to open and will be able to stack on the far right, allowing for easy access in and out of the patio doors. Done and done! His windows were now covered with both functional and stylish products at a price that could not be beaten by the competition. Here is the end result:


  Thank you Justin, it was a pleasure working with you! For all of your window covering needs contact us today at 1-888-870-2130 or simply write an email to! Have a great rest of the day.

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