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You’ve just bought the condo of your dreams, but there is a problem. Unfortunately, in the same way that clothing store dressing rooms can be deceiving before you pay for your items and take them home, now that you have settled in to that new home you can’t help but notice how dark it is inside your new condominium. While searching for light at the end of a sledgehammer might be your first inclination, your condo association will probably frown on the impulse, as might your neighbor who suddenly finds your sledgehammer inadvertently smashing through his kitchen wall. Happily, short of igniting a feud between neighbors, there are options at your disposal that can bring more light into your condo. The additional advantage will be that that light is not filtered through a web of shattered plaster and dry wall, and can also help enhance the “greenness” of your lifestyle. Pick Window Treatments That Invite in the Light Frequently, a lack of light in a home is caused by failing to correctly utilize the ambient light that is readily available from existing windows. It stands to reason then that you need to give your window treatments another look. Heavy drapes, drawn window shades and furniture, which blocks the sun’s natural pathways, all serve to darken the room’s atmosphere and throw a dark cast throughout the premises.

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Thanks to the refractive nature of prisms, the light that enters from the top of the window will travel furthest into the room’s interior, so eschewing heavy tapestry in favor of window treatments that draw in more light is optimal. Light Filtering Roller shades, Sheer Elegance shades, or Wood blinds will greatly expand the light enhancing possibilities streaming in through your windows. Consider installing shades, blinds, and privacy partitions that deploy from the window sill up, rather than the traditional top-down design.

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This gives you much greater control over your family’s privacy, as well as bringing the maximum amount of light available. When considering Wood blind approaches, give due consideration to using slates that measure two inches to draw in the maximum amount of exposure. Interior Treatments Should Dance with the Light Now that you have optimized the amount of light entering the room, it simply becomes a matter of enhancing it with interior treatments that augment and expand on the opportunity. Painting the walls light colors can add reflectivity to the equation while dark hues will quickly absorb any available illumination. Experts recommend purchasing a “close to white” alternative, and also to avoid the temptation to go with a glossy finish. A glossy finish has a tendency towards creating a glare while a flat matte paint finish will reflect any available light beams in all directions.

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Positioning furniture to flow with the available light source, for instance, positioning bulky furniture and book shelves perpendicular to a light source, will allow the light to travel farther into the room. Once the natural light runs out of steam, a strategically placed light fixture can pick up the burden of getting the light where it needs to go. To make the transition more seamless, consider using indirect lighting that is pointed towards the ceiling for best results. Beyond no longer feeling as if you are living at the back end of a bat cave, adding natural light into your living environment has a definitive role in lowering your power bill, thus significantly reducing your condo’s carbon footprint.

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