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  A Kitchen is normally one of the most expensive rooms in the home to remodel or redecorate. However, at the same time, it is one of the easiest to change the look of and bring into the modern era. Window Coverings are the perfect solution to changing the look of your Kitchen and getting the biggest bang for your buck. It is a very simple way to spruce up your old Kitchen and inject a sense of style, design and colour. Here are 3 Window Coverings that will alter the “LOOK” of your Kitchen:   1. Sheer Elegance Shades – “The Stylish, Yet Functional Look   These Sheer Shades are the epitome of “dressing up” your windows. As you can see, the coloured bands, separated precisely by knitted polyester, will give your room a modern and elegant style. Available in many different collections and colours there is a lot for you to work with. Furthermore, the functionality is impeccable. With one touch of the cord you are able to line up the coloured bands to turn your blind into full privacy mode. One touch again, and it reverts back to giving you a clear view of the outside world. What more could you ask for? The Sheer Elegance Shade is definitely one of the hottest products in 2014.

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2. Designer Light Filtering Roller Shades“The Clean, Classic Look”   The Roller Shade is by far one of the most popular window coverings to ever be created. It is so simple in nature, yet so clean looking that it can elevate the appearance of any room and take it to the next level. They are available in a versatile collection of materials suitable for any interior application. Roller Shades are a timeless product and will never lose the “classic” look that everyone has learned to love.

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3. Sheer Horizontal ShadesThe Chic, Sophisticated Look”   Talk about feeling “Classy”! When you enter a room containing Sheer Horizontal Shades you can’t help but feel like a King or Queen. These shades are so fashionable and tasteful that you can’t help but stare. It is the perfect combination or a horizontal blind and the beauty of a fabric shade. With the ability to choose the size and colour of the vanes between the 2 pieces of sheer fabric, you really have the ability to create a custom, impressive room that people will not stop talking about. Sheer Horizontal Shades Now that you have been inspired to redecorate your Kitchen and impress your friends and family this summer, head over to our Samples department to order your Free Samples Today! Need to ask a question? No problem, call us at 1-888-870-2130 or email us at! Have a great long weekend!  

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