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Moving is both an exciting and daunting venture. It’s exciting because you and your family are starting a new chapter in life at a new location that you can call yours. But it can be daunting because, aside from packing, unpacking and taking care of logistical issues that come with the move, there’s the task of making the necessary improvements and doing the necessary remodeling to make your new residence truly feel like home. So once you get your address changed, your utilities transferred and the movers have come and gone, it’s time to get to work. And while remodels and renovations are more long-term projects, there are other more immediate things that you’ll certainly want to take care of in the short-term at your new home. Here’s a look:

Top 3 Replacements/Improvements

Here’s a look at the top 3 things that need replacing or improving when moving into your new home:

  • Window treatments: If your home doesn’t already have blinds installed, then window treatments (i.e. blinds, curtains, valances, etc.) are a priority in order to shield home occupants from the sun and prevent everyone outside from seeing what you’re doing inside at all times. Even if your home did come with blinds, curtains or valances can still dress a home up to the style and theme you’re shooting for. You can hire a professional to measure and install these window treatments or you can measure and install yourself, as most supplies are available at local hardware and home furnishing stores.
  • Painting: Even if you’re lucky enough to move into a home with neutral colors, you’re still going to want to make the house “yours.” So you’ll likely want to paint the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen so it’s just how you envisioned it when you signed the closing forms. So pick up paint and paint supplies at your local hardware store. And here’s a tip – don’t forget about the ceiling. Even applying one coat of white paint onto the ceiling can do wonders in terms of brightening up a room.
  • Change the locks: Think about how many people have a copy of your home key. Your spouse? Your kids? Your parents? Your neighbor? It’s why one of the first things you should do upon moving is change the locks on your new home. There’s no telling how many spare keys the previous owner doled out to friends and family – and you don’t want to suffer the consequences of any of those keys falling into the wrong hands. Luckily, this is easy, fast and inexpensive.

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Now that you’ve knocked some immediate replacements/improvements off your list, and started to turn your house into a home, it’s time to get to the bigger things! And go!

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