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3 Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home's Security

In the fleeting images of decades gone by, tight-knit communities and integrated neighborhoods acted as a communal security system. People left doors unlocked and windows open, and few questioned the status quo. Whether the world has become more unsafe or expanding media has alerted people to an already unsafe world, home security is now a paramount consideration for any homeowner. Unfortunately, many popular methods of improving home security are expansive. Check out this list and see how you can increase your home’s security without needing to compromise your local bank’s security.

Window Blinds

A home’s best defense against home invasion are tiny slices of plastic or fabric: window blinds. Window blinds keep more than just the sunlight out; they also keep out the leering gaze of possible home invaders. Lacking or flimsy blinds turn your home into a criminal’s outlet for window shopping. If even one item, such as a flat-screen television or high-end computer, is left in plain sight, your home security will be compromised. Consider purchasing blackout shades or light filtering shades. Both nicely regulate incoming sunlight and ensure total home privacy. Certain brands of light filtering shades also pull down from the top, allowing sunlight and privacy in places like the bathroom. To top it all off, new blinds are awfully stylish.

Window Locks

Proper accessorizing is the key to home security. And the best window accessory is also the biggest necessity: window locks. Whereas window blinds discourage from intruders from breaking in, window locks physically keep them out. Depending on each window and homeowner’s needs, there are a number of different locks to choose from. The five-lever mortice lock is the sturdiest and most secure of locks, featuring five locking levers that bore into the window’s framework. An inexpensive and more popular type of window lock is the key operated lock. If you can successfully keep tabs on house and car keys, a key operated lock may be most reasonable option for you. In the middle of the security spectrum is the multi-point locking system for windows. These usually feature three locking points and are also less expensive than the five-lever mortice lock. No matter the size of your budget or security concerns, there is definitely a lock best-suited to your needs.

Homeowners Insurance

Window blinds reduce the likelihood of a home break-in, window locks physically protect against a home break-in, and homeowners insurance protects people in the unlikely event of a home break-in. Homeowners insurance ensures a protection of your home investment and security within that protection. It provides peace-of-mind and reduces stress over the condition of your home. Preventative safety measures like window locks actually help to lower homeowners insurance. The more you invest in the security of your house, the less you pay over your monthly payments. All of these tips build off one another to guarantee the best in home security.

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