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How to Give Your Living Room a New Look Without Breaking the Bank

Money may be tight, but you can easily give your living room a new look without breaking the bank. One of the easiest ways to keep a living room fresh is to start with the basics of paint, floors, and furniture in neutral colors and then change accessories throughout the year as the seasons change. This approach allows you keep your room feeling fresh and new without investing that much time or money.

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For starters, imagine your living room with a gray palette for the room basics. For the spring and summer, you can add some throw pillows on couches and chairs that are made of a lightweight fabric. At this time of year, a nice idea would be a floral pattern with some gray tones or in a solid color that complements the gray furniture, such as a sunny yellow. You can change out artwork for pieces that have light colors or summer scenes and you shouldn’t forget to add plants or fresh flowers to brighten things up. Closed Roller Shades (1024x700) One of the best ways to change the feel of a whole room is with updated window treatments. For spring and summer, light weight fabrics in bright colors allow plenty of light into a room while adding a fun pop of color. Consider the neutral gray livingroom. With bright yellow and gray floral throw pillows, some sunny artwork and bright yellow sheer curtains, this room will look light and fresh without breaking the budget! Stylish White Living Room Once the days get shorter and begin to turn cooler, updating the living room becomes simply a matter of swapping out accessories. It’s time to pack away those yellow floral throw pillows and instead toss some micro fiber or silk pillows in a jewel tone onto the gray couch. In the fall and winter consider decorating the walls with artwork that has darker colors or more abstract themes as opposed to the light color prints that had been hanging there. And then once again for fall and winter, let your window treatments set the stage in the room. Take down the bright sheer curtains and hang up curtains in an energy efficient fabric such as thermal drapes or insulated shades in the same jewel tone as the the throw pillows. This will help reduce energy costs over the cold winter, too. For a fun way to change the way the living room feels without spending any money, don’t be afraid to just rearrange the furniture. Something as simple as swapping the position of a couple of chairs, tables, and the couch can make the room feel fresh and new again. Regardless of how you decorate your room, remember that a living room will always look best when it is clean and uncluttered. So, don’t forget to regularly clean and vacuum the room. Also, wash or wipe down fabrics, including window treatments and shampoo carpets at least twice a year. This will keep the room looking and feeling fresh.

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