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Sleep Tips for Night Shift Workers

If your profession involves shift work, sleeping during the day is a necessary part of your life. But since humans are naturally wired to sleep at night and be awake in the day time, it takes effort to get your sleep cycle to cooperate.


Here are some tips to help you help you get a better sleep while the rest of the world is awake. 1. Avoid caffeine before bedtime – Coffee, tea and energy drinks are great to keep you awake, but these should be avoided leading up to the time where you need to sleep. 2.  Block out the sun – Trick your body into thinking that it is night time by making your room completely dark. An eye mask or black out blinds will help you fall asleep and stay resting. If you don’t want to block out the sun completely, Roman Shades also do a great job of darkening your bedroom and have a classy, elegant look. 3. Isolate yourself – Turn your phone on silent and let your friends and family know your schedule so they don’t interrupt you while you are sleeping. Here are some other helpful resources that will help you get the sleep you need.

Sleep expert: top tips for night shift workers

We talk to sleep expert, Derk-Jan Dijk from Surrey University Sleep Centre, about how best to fit in down-time when working the night shift If you ever have problems nodding off after the night shift, you’re in good company.

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Could you have shift work sleep disorder?

Sleep and the Night Shift Could you have shift work sleep disorder? What do firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, factory workers, and office cleaning staff have in common? They all are at risk for shift work sleep disorder. If you work at night or often rotate shifts, you may share that risk.

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How to Sleep Better During the Day

Depending on your schedule, you may find yourself needing to sleep while the rest of the world is awake. This will likely be the case if you work nights at your job or have to get up extremely early in the morning to go to work.

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