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Pros and Cons of Floor to Ceiling Windows

Whether you are living in a downtown apartment, or in the comfort of your secluded cottage, floor to ceiling windows can bring a beautiful view into your home. While you might like the way floor to ceiling windows look, it is important to consider the climate and your lifestyle before moving into a home with these style of windows. There are many pros and cons think through:


The view – Whether you live in the mountains, on the ocean or overlooking he urban city below you, floor to ceiling windows are a great way to bring the view inside of your home. Natural lightNo need to keep your lights on all day.



Cleaning – Families with small children and pets could get tired of having to clean the large glass panes. Energy efficiency – Glass isn’t the best insulator from the harsh elements. Lack of ventilation – Most floor to ceiling windows do not open. This means that you will have to get your fresh air from somewhere else in your house. Temperature swings – When the sun hits these large windows, the solar radiation that enters your building can turn your home into an oven.   Solar shades are a great solution to some of the issues that arise from floor to ceiling windows. They provide some extra insulation in the winter, while providing UV protection and blocking the hot sun in the summer. Shades 006Shades 003 Here are some additional articles surrounding the pros and cons of large windows in your home.

At On: Floor to Ceiling Windows – To Cover Or Not To Cover?

My husband and I are moving into a downtown loft in the heart of Kansas City. While hunting one space we admired was this loft and it’s amazing floor to ceiling windows. It’s a super great place, the only downfall is it looks at the IRS headquarters; which going into tax season means someone will always be staring back at us, no matter what time of day.

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30 Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Flooding Interiors with Natural Light

We can experience the sky’s exclusive colors, the gradual change in tones of the leaves, roaring waves crushing on the boulders nearby, the bustling city life, sparkling harbor lights, every corner this earth has to offer – and we can experience all this with respect, gratitude and love.

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Floor to ceiling glass is not green.

Cities like Toronto, New York or Chicago get cold in the winter and hot in the summer, yet almost every new condo and office building is designed with floor to ceiling glass. I have been complaining about it for years (see links to the left), about what Andrew Michler calls the “the very contagious disease waytoomuchglassia.”

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