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  Since the summer of 2010, Health Canada has ensured that there have been stronger safety standards for all Window Coverings. Over the years, the biggest concern in the home, with window coverings, was related to the cords that are used to operate the products. It was found that children, specifically younger in age, were involved in a variety of accidents, the most prevalent being strangulation. Due to this Canada decided to increase the strength of its legislation to become one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to child safety and the production of a window covering. For more information, please visit Health Canada’s Page HERE.    Child reaching Picture    

What has Shade Works Done?


Since its establishment, Shade Works has made Child Safety a top priority with all of their products. Our products not only meet all of the necessary requirements, but we ensure that every corded product comes complete with special Child Safety Fasteners. These fasteners help keep cords to the side of the window covering and ensure that they are tight and cannot be pulled down. Furthermore, they help to provide a cleaner look to the window covering itself.   Child Safety Fasteners    

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Child Safe Home

1. Shade Works has worked diligently to provide a diverse product line to appeal to all target markets. This includes specific product options that are extremely child safe for your home. These product options include:

a) Cordless options – All of the Classic Honeycomb Shades come standard as a Cordless Product, while the Premium Products include Cordless as an Optional Upgrade. b) Automation Option – Shade Works offers Automation on some of its products which makes it extremely child safe because there are NO CORDS what so ever with the product. This upgrade is available on all of the Premium Sheer Horizontal and Sheer Elegance Shades. It is also available for all of the Roller Shades (excluding the Basic Vinyl Blackout and Basic Light Filtering collections). 2. If you do have cords with your window coverings, please ensure to keep them high and out of reach of your children. Cut them shorter if you have to! 3. Refrain from putting sofas, chairs, beds or tables near your windows! This will prevent the likelihood of your child from climbing up to reach these cords.   Child Safety     For more information do not hesitate to contact us today at 1-888-870-2130. Have a great day!

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