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Product Options 101

Product Options 101

Shade Works is committed to customer education during the shopping process. The Product Options 101 Guide outlines our essential product features in detail with corresponding illustrations. For any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at   1. Mount Type: Inside vs. Outside Mounts   Product Options 101 Inside Mounts: * Mounted within the window frame, giving a clean built-in look. * Minimum depth of ¾” required for a secure installation   Product Options 101 Outside Mounts: * Great option for when there is not enough depth for an inside mount * No minimum depth requirement   2. Control Position:   Product Options 101 Left Vs. Right * Choose where you would like the control of your product to be located, either on the left or right side of your window covering. Product Options 101 3. Fold Style:   Shade-Works-2013-Designer-Light-Filtering-Roman-Shades-Flat-Fold A Flat Fold is the standard fold that the Roman Shades come in. It provides a clean and classic appearance.   Shade-Works-2013-Designer-Light-Filtering-Roman-Shades-Hobbled-Fold A Hobbled Fold will have pleats due to the excess fabric. 4. Roll Type: Standard and Reverse Roll Standard Roll – The shade lays flat against the window and rolled up onto the bar from behind. In this model, the Roller Shade bar is further out from the window than the actual shade and the shade rolls up from behind the bar rather than in front. Reverse Roll – There is significantly more space between the Roller Shade fabric and the window. In this model, the Roller Shade bar is closer to the window than the fabric and the shade rolls up from in front of the bar rather than behind.   5. Cord Options: Shade-Works-Window-Fashions-Continuous- Cord- Loop- System [A] Cord Loop / Continuous Cord Loop A simple mechanism, which allows you to raise and lower your blind/shade. Shade-Works-Classic-Honeycomb-Light- Filtering- Double-Cell- Cordless [B] Cordless– This lift system eliminates visible cords and lines for a neat, uncluttered look. This is a great option if you have young infants in the home. Shade-Works-Designer-Print-Light-Filtering-Roman-Shades

[C] Top Down Bottom Up-This lift system allows you to raise the blind from the bottom while lowering the blind from the top.

.Shade-Works-Window-Fashions-Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Cordless [D] Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Same feature as the Top Down Bottom Up, but with no cords to operate the blind. Please note that you will still see two strings coming from the headrail of the product down into the actual blind.

6. Two-on-One Headrails:

Shade-Works-Window-Fashions-2-on- 1- Headrail

This option is recommended for blinds which may be too large and therefore too heavy for the lift system. Essentially, this option will fit two smaller blinds into the dimension you have ordered. By distributing the weight better, it apply less stress on the lift system which will prolong the overall life of your product. This fee is only applied once.

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