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Recycling Blinds And Shades- SW Cares

Recycling Blinds And Shades- SW Cares Many of our customers frequently ask what to do with their old blinds and shades. Recycling Blinds and Shades is made easy with Shade Works! Below is a guide to help you dispose of your old or damaged blinds and shades in a responsible way. 1. Aluminum Blinds All blinds and shades that are made of out aluminum can be recycled and put into your recycling bin or dropped off at your local city recycling centre. If the blinds or shades are not broken or damaged, they can be donated to a local charity or sold for scrap metal. 2. Drapery and Other Textiles Depending on the material, most drapery and textiles can be recycled. Many local charitable organizations will accept these for donation as well. Contact your local Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity ReStore or Oxfam to inquire about drop-off bins or locations. To locate a Salvation Army in your area, visit their website here Habitat For Humanity ReStore locations can be found on their website Oxfam Canada donation inquiries can be made here   3. PVC Products Blinds and Shades manufactured out of PVC cannot be recycled. Below is a list of Shade Works PVC-containing window treatments that cannot be recycled. Please do not place these PVC products in your recycling bin. A. Classic Flat or Curved PVC Vertical Blinds B. Classic Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds C. Premium Fauxwood Vertical Blinds D. 2″ Faux Wood Blinds For any and all recycling-related questions, contact a Shade Works team member at      

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