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Shade Works In The Media

Shade Works In The Media

To celebrate the launch of our spring collection, Shade Works was featured in a article on The Canadian House and Home Inspiration Blog. The article was titled “Let The Sun Shine In” and highlights our stylish Sheer Elegance and Panel Track Shades. We had a great time working with the author, Emily Sadler and have received great feedback on the article! Check out the fabulous House and Home Inspiration Blog here For those of you who missed the article, we have attached it below- We hope you enjoy! Let The Sun Shine In- By Emily Sadler

After a long winter, I’m getting ready to trade in my warm layers and dark colours in my wardrobe and my home for all things light and airy. I’m saying so long to heavy fabrics like velvet and wool, and hello to lightweight materials and plenty of sunshine — and I’m starting with my windows. Changing up your window coverings is an easy way to give your home a sense of airiness. While we’re seeing a lot of naked windows lately, they might not be ideal for people requiring privacy. Many homeowners and condo-dwellers (like me) are looking for other options. Shade Works is a Canadian online retailer specializing in custom-made, functional and stylish window coverings at every price point. (This blog post is sponsored by Shade Works.) Shade Works’ line of window dressings focuses on versatility and streamlined style, and features a variety of smart upgrades, such as cordless options and automation. Choose A Style The company’s most popular design is its line of sheer shades — perfect for summertime, as they offer plenty of privacy without sacrificing natural light or a view of the outdoors. Shade Works In The Media These lightweight blinds (such as the Sheer Horizontal Shades, picture above) come in different sizes and fabrics to help bring a more sophisticated look to your room. Shade Works In The Media The line of Sheer Elegance Shades uses overlapping fabric bands to filter the amount of light coming in and add style to a room. Shade Works In The Media Choose black for a more dramatic look. Shade Works In The Media Panel Track Shades are a great option for large windows or patio doors. For spaces that get a lot of midday sunlight, opt for a Solar Screen Fabric (shown above), as they filter out harmful UV rays, eliminate annoying glare, and help keep your home cool. Select your own “Openness Factor” to determine the percentage of light coming through the shade. All Panel Track Shade fabric options are also available in Roller and Roman Shades, which makes it easy to match with other window dressings throughout the home. Shade Works In The Media When it comes to smaller windows in the kitchen or bathroom, keep things simple with a basic wood blind. They’re easy to clean and won’t collect mildew in a damp environment. For a less expensive version with the same look, try Faux-Wood Horizontals. Choose from several shades of white for a fresh and timeless look. Take Measurements When measuring the width and height of your window, measure in three spots (top, middle and bottom for vertical and left, centre and right for horizontal) and record the narrowest measurement. The way you measure will depend on what kind of mount you’ve selected for your shades (inside mount or outside), and whether you’ve chosen a horizontal or vertical blind. Also, keep in mind that the headrail and valance will be slightly wider than your blinds, so account for some additional space. For detailed measurement instructions, click here. Don’t trust your measuring skills? Shade Works can send someone to your home to take the measurements for you. See their website for more information. To learn more about Shade Works and their products, visit their website, call toll-free (1-888-870-2130), or email them at

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